Playing the market.

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Stephen-Strasburg This year some teams got off to hot starts that will most likely slow down, like the pirates did last year. Others like the Nationals have started off slow. The Nats along with the Dodgers, and Blue Jays will all probably see play time in October despite their slow starts. The one player on the Nationals that has seen poor fantasy stats is Strasburg. With only one win to compare to four losses he has put up poor numbers, and tonight I traded one of my top 3 closers, Mujica, for him.

I did this because I would rather give up 3 saves a week now than give up 3 saves and a win per week later on in the season. His ERA so far is .313 not too far off from last years mark, and aside from one blowout his biggest loss margin was only 3 runs. the most hits he has allowed is 9 the next most was 6 and hes averaging only 5 hits a game. Compare this to Colon another one of my pitchers who has yet to lose a game, however Colons ERA is higher and has more hits against him. Strasburg has pitched 37 innings which is only 7 innings behind the leagues leader. This means he goes deep into games and has control. There is only one reason he hasn’t put up fantasy numbers like last year- run production.

Right now the Nats are ranked 27 out of 30 in offense. A combination of Cy Young, Koufax, and Babe Ruth couldn’t get a win with such a stagnate offense. Harper is the only bright spot in the offense right now hitting above .300, and Zimmerman another key to the offense is hurt. This wont continue though. If I had thought the Nats wouldn’t make the playoffs I never would have traded for Strasburg. The Nats will get healthy and then they will go on a tear. They are a young team, and will have the legs to go into September to make a push for October.

Of course if Im wrong I will have given away Mujica who is closing for a very hot team and is good for 60 points a week. But I don’t think I will be wrong and the majority of analysts who get paid for their opinions agree with me. Like the title says the move was me playing the market. I bought low in anticipation of exponential dividends.


Building a team

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MLB: Spring Training-Texas Rangers at Colorado Rockies  I decided to make a new blog to write about my the various goings ons in my fantasy sports leagues. Its been 5 weeks since I drafted and started my first fantasy baseball league, and I can safely say that it is an even bigger headache to manage than a fantasy football team. That being said its almost more fun. Ive learned two things, Im pretty good at putting together a baseball team (4-1, with my loss being a fluke) and the leagues high score so far, I also learned I don’t know as much about baseball as I thought I did. I started the draft going after big bats, and I got em. I drafted Stanton, Encarnacion, and Zimmerman with my first three picks, and nabbed Trumbo with my 7th. I just assumed pitching was an afterthought, kind of like a defense on a fantasy football team. Ya it helps to have a good one but the QB and RB are the money positions. That’s not true at all. I got lucky though I took a risk on a guy named Ryu who is quickly becoming ace material out in LA drafted with the 315th pick. With pick 294 I took Loshe who was at the time a FA but I figured he would land a job before opening day, and he did so it paid off. Bartolo Colon was taken with my 358th pick, he was suspended but again I rolled the dice, and again it paid off. He has yet to lose a game. I wasn’t dumb enough to pass over Rivera though and got him with number 98.

As soon as the draft was over the league shot into trade mills, I had my eyes locked on a certain player by the name of Nelson Cruz. I got him by sending Weeks and Salty and getting in return Utley and Cruz, earning me my first trade rape trophy. After a couple of weeks into the season I set my sights on one Bryce Harper. I snagged him too by sending away Wells, Peralta, and Bonifacio. In return I got Kozma along with Harper. And just today I traded Seager for Jeter, and while Jeter might not play until after the All-Star break. I had no need for a third 3B with Zimmerman coming off the DL and (hopefully) the production of the guy in the photo Arenado. He went yard in his second pro game, and since he plays in a home stadium where balls fly out all the time his production should continue.

Free Agency has helped me stack up an impressive team as well. Along with Arenado Ive been able to pick up Carlos Ruiz (fresh off a drug induced suspension), Mclouth, Hafner, and Tepesch who will hopefully keep throwing for wins in TX. Thankfully with a bit of luck, hours of agonizing, and what Id like to think can pass as skill my team is in first place in the division and third place overall, with a substantial lead in this weeks game. Now all that’s left is to last another 15 weeks and hope Stanton comes back healthy, and swinging a helluva bat.